Friday, November 20, 2009

Training Nutrition

Eating well is an important part of being a fast racer, which is probably why I am not a fast racer. I thought I would chronicle what my food intake looks like a couple days before a race.

Evening training ride, I had a banana on the bike. Please note any lame attempts at humor.

Then some post-ride recovery drink:

Post-post-ride was a late night trip to flour + water. This is where things head south. Pork terrine, prosciutto-braised cabbage pizza, and celery root tortelloni. All delicious, but maybe not part of a balanced training diet.

Morning coffee. Some toast with lemon curd, hard-boiled egg, apple. Mid-morning yogurt snack.

Lunch was spaghetti squash, rice and a turkey sandwich.

There you have it. You don't get to catch glimpses of the top 10 in the C category on just any diet.

Tomorrow is the SF Bike Expo. Cow palace + bikes. The rumors seem to indicate the cross race being on some kind of monster-track involving BMX elements and mud pits. Should be pretty awesome.

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