Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mini Velo Love

One of my friends in Japan forwarded this video of Mini Love, a mini-velo and folding bike festival that happened this past June. For those who keep asking "what niche does it fill" or "why do I need one" a look at this video will show that the people of Japan are long past asking questions like that of the mini velo. It is embraced as part of bikedom. Young people love them... especially women. They see it as a blend of kawaii('cute' in Japanese) and practicality, and marketers are using them in their shop displays much like you see cruisers or track bikes in Old Navy.

The event was put on by KHS Bikes Japan and Dahon. It featured races (Spandex and mini velos can mix), gold sprints, folding contests, and numerous vendors on hand showing their wares.

Tasty mixte mini with front rack!


skvidal said...

Any idea who made the tandem that was being ported?

prolix said...
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Unknown said...

skyvdal, the foldng tandem is made by KHS.

I took lots of photos at the event. Check out my flick set -

Stan said...

Thanks James. How many Mini Velos can you fit on a Yuba Mundo?!