Thursday, August 18, 2011

Saga of Two Sagas

Taken at 5100 meters (that over 15,000 ft) above sea level

What are the chances of two Soma Saga owners meeting each other on their own solo tours on a remote road on the Sichuan(China)-Tibet border??? The world is a huge place. We've made less than 999 Sagas in total I believe. I'd say it's pretty darn impossible.

Our favorite American expat in China, Eleanor Moseman is in the middle of a 10,000k trek though Mongolia, Russia and China. While in Litang in Southern China, she heard someone behind her speaking good English "You have my bike!" She reported on her Facebook page she ran into someone riding another Soma Saga bicycle. We didn't know who the gentleman was until a few weeks later. While they were riding in Sichuan many homes were still running on generators after the devastating earthquake a few years back. So instead of imposing on folks to juice up her laptop and phone, she opted to lose contact her friends for about 10 days. This concerned her boyfriend so much that he contacted us to see if we knew who she might have ran into. Of course we had no idea. We find out later that the guy on the other Saga was Brandon, who is from SF and had purchased from Pedal Revolution the original Saga prototype . OMG, right? The last (and first) time we had heard from him was in October when he sent us a photo from Guatemala.

The two are both making their way to Kashgar in the Xinjiang province way out in the western-most part of China. For you movie buffs, Kashgar was where the Kite Runner was filmed.

Eleanor is doing this ride for fun but also for charity. Learn more about what she is riding for here.

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Ellen Moseman said...

We actually decided on heading towards India via Tibet...where we parted ways at Namu Lake. Brandon made it to India and I got busted after 4 weeks in Tibet. I'm resting up to take the Saga for a spin in Xinjiang this winter.

Side note: goal is 10,000 miles, not km, which was completed.