Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Product: Soma Hwy One Road Bar

Maybe we are just tired of making townie bars and track bars.
Maybe we just wanted to make the ideal bar our road frame customers, who for the most part aren't racers.
Whatever the reason, we've gone and made our first road drop bar.

The Hwy One has got a compact bend that's come into popularity in recent years. The shallow drop makes it more natural-feeling to ride in the drops. The bend keeps the aero levers in easy reach when compared to conventional road race bars. We think it's a great bar for those who are new to drop bars and who prefer to ride a little less aero or have smaller hands.

We are making them in black or silver. The sections to be covered with tape have a shotpeen finish, while the exposed section is shiny. The center graphic that doubles as a centering marker is of the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, which California's Hwy 1 runs through.

Comes in 31.8mm or 26.0mm. Single groove in front. 6061 butted aluminum. Retailing around $40.

[6/2012 UPDATE: These now come in 46cm. Thanks for your feedback!]

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