Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adventure Cyclist Reviews The Soma Saga

Adventure Cyclist, the magazine of the Adventure Cycling Association, looked us up one day late last year hoping to review a Saga frameset. We were unfortunately out of the size their guest reviewer Patrick O'Grady needed. We eventually got him a frame and some parts in the spring. We were happy to have Patrick be the tester, since he and his wife both own Double Cross's [purchased at retail price], so they have a good idea of how our frames ride. The review appears in the Aug/Sept. issue.

Some select quotes: "I was suprised how well the Saga climbed while loaded – at no point did I feel as though I was wrestling with the bike...Adding weight to the front made the Saga track as though it were on rails. I was perfectly comfortable twisting around with one hand on the bars to check for on-coming serial killers."
UPDATED 9/27/11: Download a copy of the review here.

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