Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Soma Fabrications Marks 10th Anniversary

Soma Fabrications began with a discussion between Jim Porter of Merry Sales and Bradley Woehl of American Cyclery back in early 2000. Bradley observed that there were almost no more steel bikes out in the market, especially bikes that could be adapted easily for urban use. He had spoken with big brand bicycle sales reps about bringing back steel, but his requests fell on deaf ears.  Eventually Brad approached Jim about the idea. Jim saw the potential. And thus Soma was born.

The first Soma frames were unveiled at Interbike on September 29, 2001. It was an exciting but somber week. 9/11 had the country in a cautious daze.  We were afraid of low turn-out at the show and I’m sure the thought of having our flight hijacked flitted through each of our minds at least once when we were getting ready to leave for the show. Hotel rates in Vegas were at bargain basement rates, so instead of staying at the Vagabond Inn, we treated ourselves to the posh Venetian Hotel which is conveniently connected to the convention center. The four frame line (Double Cross, Smoothie, Groove and Rush) enjoyed a decent if subdued introduction to the world, but we did have a number of industry folks including  Kona dropping by to wish us well – which was very encouraging.

One of the first Smoothies ever built.
Photo taken front of American Cyclery

So this month we are officially marking Soma Fabrications’ 10th anniversary.  Ten years of producing frames, parts and accessories for the “everyday cyclist” To help commemorate this occasion, we commissioned illustrator and muralist, Mona Caron, to produce a poster for us. We think the piece turned out beautiful and it will definitely help inspire us to keep producing practical gear for everyday cycling.

Look for offset printed posters as well as art quality giclee’ prints available in a month or so. Also look for celebratory contests, special deals and raffles on the SOMAfeed blog and Facebook fan page for the rest of the year. (UPDATE 11/26/11: Poster is available for purchase here and bike shops can stock them too.)


Chris L said...

Dang, 10 years already? I remember working part-time at American and hearing Bradley talk about the project and seeing some of the first frames roll in. Time flies when you're having fun and making great bikes!

Stan said...

No kidding, Chris. In Jan. of this year, NO ONE here remembered this was going to be our 10th year.

Christopher said...

Congratulations on reaching 10!
I am really digging the poster, when do you think they would be available?

Anonymous said...

Is it ready yet?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I had one of the original prototype SOMA RUSH frames given to me by a great crazy man named Greg back in winter 2002 I rode it for 8 years til handing it off to someone else. ONe of my favorite bikes to date. I love what you guys do, keep it up!

Raf L said...

Nice! I've been riding your Van Ness for about the past month here in Singapore and it rocks! Thanks so much for the fun. :-)