Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Introducing the Soma Tradesman Cargo Frameset

Prototype #2

We at Soma have been quietly exploring making cargo bikes for a while now. Soma has always first and foremost been about practical transportation and cargo bikes are definitely practical.

Our first attempt is along the traditional English "baker bike" design --- which we are calling the Tradesman.
It is designed for personal hauling rather than industrial use. Should handle well with loads around 40 to 50 lbs. It is made with light but strong Tange Infinity CrMo steel tubing. At 22" inches wide and 68" long, it'll fit through narrow apartment doorways (was developed by a 2nd floor apartment dweller). Features a large high-tensile steel platform mounted to dual horizontal stays that extend to the seat tube (the platform does not turn with the fork/handlebars).

Unlike many cargo options out there, the Tradesman will be available as a frameset only, so all you "project bike people" should to appreciate that.

- Available as frameset only (Tange Infinity butted CrMo, one size only)
- Designed for 26" rear and 20" front wheels. (Wheels may or may not be included)
- Designed for front and rear disc brakes
- Due to it's unique rake trail arrangement, it handles like a normal bike
- It's got an extra long 40mm oversize head tube for maximum cargo capacity
- Modular high-tensile steel rack. Mount wood to it. Mount a Wald 157 to it. Put a massive crate on the front.
- Kickstand plate
- Wheelbase of 1115mm
- Top tube on production models will have curve to it
- First production is only 20 units (Dealer can pre-order with Merry Sales)
- Tentative price: $600 (Update: SRP is $699)
- Tentative release date: Mid November 2011

Stay tuned for MORE cargo bike news from the SOMAfeed next week.

Prototype #1: We didn't get the fork rake right on this one.
Production model will have a curved top tube to add a
little distinctiveness to the look.
Platform will be powdercoated, too.
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