Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buena Vistas Have Arrived

Our mixte frames are in the warehouse and we will be shipping all backorder frames to shops beginning Monday. We apologize for the long wait our customers have had to endure.

  • The Buena Vista is a true mixte with the double top tube/stays.
  • This is not just for the ladies. "Mixte" (pronounced "MEExt") is French for "mixed" or "unisex"and fully envisioned for both men and women from the beginning. North Americans have come to pronounce it "mix-ty". Both are acceptable to use.
  • Ride characteristics/geometry is somewhere between road sport and touring
  • An oversized butted downtube makes this frame stiffer than the mixtes of the 70's.
  • Removable decals make it easier for you to customize your ride
  • Four sizes to start: 42, 50, 54, 58cm
  • Horizontal dropouts w/hanger allows you to run it with a rear derailleur, with internal geared hubs, or single speed
  • Downtube shifter bosses
  • Rack and fender braze-ons
  • Bosses for single bottle cage

Special Notes on Tires and Brakes:
  • The 42cm is designed for 26" wheels and 73mm reach brakes(Tektro R-556/Rivendell Silvers) are recommended. They can also use Dia-Compe 750 center pulls if you can find a long enough straddle cable. Recommended tire width: 1.25" - 1.5"(38c)
  • The 50-58cm sizes are designed for 700c wheels and 57mm reach road brakes are recommended. Recommended tire widths: 26c - 35c (Both frame and fork are drilled for recessed brake bolts, so Dia-Compe MX-806 with old hardware are not compatible) 650b conversions are possible but we recommend speccing tires that will not change the BB drop appreciably.
    (Modular cable stops for the "top tube" bridges allow you to run the rear brake housing a few different ways.)
***Because we only got a small amount in, we are reserving stock for bike shops and we are not putting this on the Soma online shop yet. Please inquire to special order from a local bike shop.


akahn said...

super cool looking bike, looks like fun.

i woulda preferred vertical dropouts, but i guess people want to run these SS.

SteveA said...

I'm going to have to see these in person. I'm torn, I'd really like to build up a new ride and I really like the Speedster but then the Buena Vista intrigues me.

Gino Zahnd said...

"650b conversions are possible but we recommend speccing tires that will not change the BB drop appreciably."

So what tires would those be? 35mm? 42mm? Thanks!

Stan said...

Yes 35c-42c for the 700c frames.
32c for the 26" frames. Just recommendations. Don't want to discourage experimentation, just as long as it is done safely and with common sense.

Gino Zahnd said...

Sorry to pepper you with questions; any idea what the largest 650b tire with fender combo it'll fit? Likewise, do you know what max width fenders will fit? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ordered a 58 based on an eyeballing by the local shop in September. I'm 5'11" with a 30" inseam. Would that do it on size? They weren't sure on the 54 vs. the 58.

reverend dick said...

1 1/8 steer tube?

SadieKate said...

Yay, just got the call from my LBS. Wondering how soon I can play hooky from work.

reverend dick, the head tube is 1 1/8 per the website.

Anonymous said...

that's exactly what I need in order to take my girlfriend to the park it doesn't matter if I don't have car because I can save a lot of money.