Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back In Stock Items! Plus San Marcos News

Just a quick note to let shops and consumers alike some items that have out for a long time are back in stock:

- Double Cross frame in ivory (middle sizes)
- Double Cross DC frames (middle sizes)
- Saga Touring frames
- Crystal Polypropylene Water Bottles (BPA-free)
- Urban Cross Levers
- Torpedo Front Lamps

We also got in a small shipment of Soma San Marcos frame set (designed for Soma by Rivendell Bicycle Works). Most have been already shipped out to those who pre-ordered. If you are near any of the following shops, check it out.

Rivendell Bicycle Works (of course)
Country Bike Shop, Celina, Ohio
Flye Cycles, Sunderland, Mass.
Cal Coast Bicycles, San Diego, CA
Cycology Bicycles, Maryville, TN
Bicycle Outfitter, Los Altos, CA
A1 Cyclery, Indianapolis, IN
Rosebud Bicycle Builds, Seattle, WA
Alki Bike and Board, Seattle, WA
American Cyclery, San Francisco, CA

Some of these shops only picked up one frame set, so I'd advise calling the shop before visiting.... because who knows, it might be already sold and gone. The San Marcos is not up on the website yet. (We have stopped updating the current site – instead putting our attention into speeding the launch of our new site.). But here are a couple of pictures and the geometry. Sorry, we have no more 54cm's in our distro's warehouse. Only 59cm and 63cm. More on order of course. Smaller sizes: We don't have a firm ETA on those and don't want to speculate.

There has been lots of speculation of whether this will ride similarly to our other road sport frames (the Stanyan and ES). We can easily say the San Marcos is easily its own beast. Not just because it sports gorgeous Rivendell lugs, but because it is at its heart what Grant Petersen of Rivendell believes a good road bike should be: Smooth and efficient on the black top, can fit wide enough tires to give extra comfort (and take on smooth fire roads), and excellent rider position for long rides. It has rack and fender braze-ons, kickstand plate, and pump peg and a longish wheel base, but it is NOT a dedicated touring frame...call it a "sport tourer" to use an old term. More information when we are ready to launch our website.


dontcoast said...

"sport" tourer... with kickstand plate?!?!?!

city bikes and comfort hybrids have kickstands...

Dan said...

Love the kickstand plate. HATE the second top tube. Riv ruined the Sam Hilbourne and now they've ruined the San Marcos.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the San Marcos with the double top tube yet. I'm kinda curious/scared to see one. I not very psyched that Riv is doing this, but hey it's their business, not mine. I guess now it's part of Soma's business too. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hate the second top tube on the larger sizes. Would buy this in a second if not for that.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Even if Grant Peterson SAYS I need one, my riding experience tells me otherwise. Sorry to see the San Marcos project went this way.

Tyler said...

I think the double top tube looks amazing and makes so much sense geo-wise. Good on SOMA for letting G.P. do his thing! What a dreamy bike.

Anonymous said...

I am really bummed about the second top tube, I have two rivendells and neither one has two top tubes. It seems overkill to me, oh well beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

DIMcyclist said...

The double top tube San Marcos: a bike inspired by a railroad trestle... soon to be a collector's item. ; )

Just kidding- the 54cm looks absolutely awesome- like a smoothly refined Smoothie ES!

Anonymous said...

Recycle an japanese sport tourer from the 1980's and put some new components on it if necessary.

Save some money and save the planet.

Anonymous said...

Anon, you might not need a larger size in this frame. I normally ride a 58 cm but the standover on the 59 cm San Marcos would allow ZERO clearance (I'd be sitting on the top top tube) and I, like you, don't like the extra top tube. With the "expanded" frame design, the 54 should fit perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I was going to buy one of these as soon as it came out, but the double top tube killed the deal for me. I was looking at the Hillbourne a while ago and couldn't get myself to go with the double top tube and was hoping this would be a little more normal. I remember calling Rivendell about this and a couple other questions and when I asked what the deal was with the top tubes, I got a very condescending answer, even though this will be a natural question for any potential customer.

In the end, I went with a Gunnar Sport instead.

Anonymous said...

What is the ballpark MSRP on these things? i can't find any info on pricing anywhere. Neither on the Soma site or the retailers.

Stan said...


Anonymous said...

I ended up getting the 54 (one top tube is enough, thanks) and it fits very well... a little more seatpost showing than I'd like but the TT length is perfect. Took it out this weekend for the first decent length ride and it really is as good as I had hoped. Very quiet, super smooth ride, comfortable, no twitchy handling, and it climbs pretty well too. Got lots of compliments on the looks, the lugs and the color too. This one's a long-term keeper for sure.