Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Our Dream Riser Bikepacking Handlebar Gets Some Siblings


The original Dream Riser Bar hit a chord with bike packers and other riders with its comfortable 25° sweep, which not only keeps your controls away from a big handlebar bag, but just feels very natural. It also had an unusual 50mm rise to help get the bars up, which is sometimes better for all day exploration.

The two new versions are significantly different.

• The Dream Lowdown has a 20° backsweep and 25mm rise. The rise is very common. The backsweep still noticeably more natural feeling than the average 9° backsweep riser.

• The Dream High-Rise has a 30° backsweep and an "up there" 70mm rise. A strong contender for turning old mountain bikes with their low stacks into more upright and practical get around town bikes.

A modern 780mm width. Trim if needed.

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