Tuesday, December 9, 2008

B-Side Will Be Coming In "The Spring"

We have had many inquiries wondering when the B-Side 650b mountain frame will drop. To keep it cautiously nebulous, we are saying "The Spring". Here is a production prototype we have been testing. Sorry to those who felt neglected.
Changes from the concept prototype:
1. Allows for SS or geared set up with a track style dropout. Disc mount does allow removal of rear wheel w/o loosening the caliper.
2. Gusset for improved fork knob clearance.
3. Tange heat treated CrMo, instead of Pacenti Heavy Metal tubes.

Things being left the same:
1. Same Carmelized Orange with Vanilla panel paint job which we got nice comments about
2. Geometry is roughly the same. To maximize standover we are using an extreme slope so a 400mm post is recommended for longer legged riders. This is similar to what Niner does, but less extreme.
3. Jason Grove built the concept with diamond-shaped cage boss braze-ons. We liked them, so we are keeping them.

No pricing yet. Should be similar to the Juice though.

Other frame news: We are considering a new 26" XC hardtail that will having new sliding dropouts being developed by Tange and Interloc Racing Design. So that might replace the 4one5 and maybe the Groove, too.


Anonymous said...

Will you be offering a 650B steel fork to go along with it?

Stan said...

There will be an optional rigid disk fork available, which is designed to work with
650b frame designed for an 80mm travel fork
26" frame designed for a 100mm travel fork.

Still taking input whether we should ask White Brothers to make some forks for us. They are super sweet forks, but not sure how many of our customers are able to pony up $600 for one of these.

Question for you: If we get some Magic 80's, what is the most you will pay for it?

Anonymous said...

Very nice. The panel paint job looked great. The sliding dropouts would have been nice on this but I was happy with the ones on the Juice so not a big deal.

I can't comment on the Magic 80 as I'll run rigid. Will the rigid fork match the paint?

Will we see geo and specs before "The Spring"?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of cleaning up the gusset? Understand the functionality just think there are more elegant solutions. Especially considering how nice the paint job looks.

Anonymous said...

Second that about the gusset, really makes the head tube area look funny. Otherwise perfect and I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

i know its WAY to late for this but... why not solve the chain tensioning problem with a bb eccentric and add a derailleur tab to the rear drops? best of both worlds. also, i would love to see the ability to use linear/cantilevers. discs are neat and all, but i feel that a 650b mountain bike has another strength, and that is its ability to be a sweet commuter. set it up with a rigid fork, leave the steerer tube longer and run shallow drops, then its just a matter of swapping tires from onroad to off.
think about it.

mMullins said...

I'm really pleased with the decision to use the dropouts from the Juice for both SS and geared options. An eccentric BB isn't as smooth as many think; I've got one that has to be tightened before every ride or else I may lose all chain tension while cranking.

I'd love a White Bros. Magic 80, but I would probably have to opt for the X-fusion velvet due to the hefty price.

Thanks SOMA! Looking forward to the day I have enough play money to purchase one...