Friday, November 2, 2012

Look what just turned up

This is the first box of brand new SA-30 rims seen stateside since the 80s.

For those of you not in the know, Araya was and still is one of the top manufacturers of rims in Japan. They make the rims for Shimano's wheel line and were one of the first manufactures to start exporting alloy mountain bike rims such as the RM-20, the first dedicated mountain bike rim on the market. These high polish aero beauties will look stellar on your classic track or road build, but wouldn't look out of place on a high zoot race bike either. Ask your local bike purveyor to contact Merry Sales about ordering you a pair of these.


Anonymous said...

Not to be that guy, but what is the weight, per rim, approximately?

Anonymous said...

Are these 622 and what's the rim width, or, how wide of tire can be mounted on these?


Unknown said...

are these different from other araya super aeros? these appear to have a brake track while the other ones I've seen are smooth with no sidewall