Friday, November 9, 2012

Soma Oxford Pedals

Check these out!

Soma has been making pedals for a few years now. We've got the Hellyer for track, the Highway 1 for road, and the Downie for mountain. But we wanted something specifically designed for commuters. The problem with most pedals for commuters is getting the right amount of grip. Track pedals aren't very grippy because they're designed to be used with a toe clip, tightened down. Road pedals work the same way, but they have a guard on the side to protect your foot in the event of a crash. The problem with using these for commuting is if you use soft soled sneakers they don't give a ton of support.

Mountain pedals are super supportive and grippy but the metal spikes can mess up nice dress shoes and many modern mountain platforms aren't made to work with toe clips.

We really like classic Japanese Touring pedals, but we wanted something a little more modern.

So we're introducing the Soma Oxford, our commuter specific pedal. It's designed with a angled grip patter that keeps your foot on the pedal but doesn't grind into your souls. It's got a wide, supportive platform on one side so you can use it as a platform without toe clips. The opposite side is cut away so that you can make a hard turn and not worry about your pedal scraping on the ground.

You can also mount it up with a toe clip and strap for a little push/pull action. Handy if you ride a fixed gear. Even works with double straps. The finish is nice and shiny, just the way you want. This is probably the nicest looking pedal we've ever made, and one of the best options out there for Urban Cyclists.

Coming soon to a bike shop near you.


stubecontinued said...

Way cool pedals!
I may have to pick up a pair to match my Oxford bars!

superfreak said...

i like they way they can be used with toe clips. great job!
thx superfreak

Anonymous said...

Will these pedals come to rest in an upside down position? That would really suck for urban use.

Saira Kenwei said...

Mmmm very nice I'd like to see them with straps . Does anyone have any photos?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll walk back my criticism a bit. These do seem very nice for toe clips and regular shoes.

Anonymous said...

Loose ball or sealed bearings?

Anonymous said...

This is the commuter pedal I've been looking for. Any idea when we might see these in stores?